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Three Top Branded Tools for 2019

With the dawning of a new year we not only welcome a fresh start and new goals, but in our industry, we also look forward to the release of new promotional products. Each year, during the second full week in January, agencies like ours descend on Mandalay Bay’s Convention Center in Las Vegas wide-eyed and giddy with anticipation for what they will discover at the PPAI Expo. The Expo is the largest industry trade show in North America, filling the 5th largest convention center in the U.S. with enough people and items to create its own small town – more than 12,000 attendees to be exact.

This year Identity Works sent four team members to the annual event in search of the newest and hottest items for our clients. What we found were beautiful enhancements and variations on standard industry items, like branded apparel and logoed drinkware, and so many fun-ctional tools!  Here are the top three tools we liked and an apparel item that we just can’t get enough of:

AutoOpen-CloseInversionUmbrella-OpenAuto Open/Close Inversion Umbrella

Stromberg’s newest umbrella is a combination of two very cool umbrella styles (auto open/close, and an inversion umbrella). The result is the most functional stick style umbrella we’ve ever seen. The inversion style makes it easier to get in and out of cars or buildings, and the push-button action is extremely slick. There are some other thoughtful features on this umbrella, like a flattened end cap (so it can stand up by itself when not in use), a soft-touch rubberized handle, and a dual-layer canopy for superior wind resistance.

In addition to being a highly functional promo item (remember – they’re great for both rain AND sun protection), the large imprint area of umbrellas makes them a great messenger! Learn more.

Image of branded handi warmer with a custom company logo on the top

The Magma Combo Handi Warmer-Power Bank

Popularized at retail outlets or online at places like Amazon, these USB hand warmers are also available with your corporate branding! Offering a creative twist on the traditional power bank, the Handi Warmer can be used as hand warmer (with the recent record low temps, we can all appreciate that), as well as a power source for items with USB compatibility. It offers reasonable heating time (3-5 hours), heats up in 6 seconds, an average charging time of 3 hours, and has great space for branding. Applicable for indoor or outdoor use from hunting and camping to offices, these combo devices keep your team comfortable and their devices juiced up, no matter where their adventure takes them. Learn more.

Barrow spork image

Barrow Spork

Lightweight, but made from steel, OrigAudio has created the multi-tool that offers all of the bells and whistles the modern outdoors person needs. With its slim design, the Barrow Spork can be carried in a pocket or clipped onto almost anything using the carabiner. There’s no need to worry about logos wearing off from this piece – they’re laser etched into the steel. This tool is equipped with utensils, phone holder, wrenches, screwdriver, serrated edge, bottle opener and the carabiner. Learn more.

The Barrow Spork is part of our Barrow Collection, which blends outdoor and urban styles for fashionable, adventure-ready gear just waiting for your company’s branding to be added.

Group of men and women standing outside in Storm Creek custom branded jackets.BONUS! Eco Packable Outerwear

Storm Creek (a boutique apparel manufacturer based in Minnesota) has always been focused on fashionable and high-performance clothing that is produced ethically and sustainably. Their new eco-insulated travelpack outerwear takes the cake, with lightweight, packable jackets and vests that are extremely soft and comfortable enough for all-day wear in almost any conditions. These pieces feature 60 GSM Thermolite EcoMade insulation which is made from a minimum of 35% recycled materials, offering sustainability along with fabulous style and performance. A wonderful choice for custom branding with embroidery, these pieces can also coordinate colored zipper pulls with your company’s brand colors if it strikes your fancy. Learn more.

This post was originally published on February 1, 2019. It was updated on April 10, 2020 with links to additional information and more accurate product images.