Pictures of You

The fascination with photos and videos these days is not new. In my parents’ day, it was the 16mm camera and in my youth, we had Polaroid instant pictures. Both of these have had a resurgence of interest in the past few years.

The difference now is that digital technology, software apps and social media platforms have made the making, editing, and sharing of our pictures and videos incredibly easy and fun.

For organizations, this opens a world of possibilities, as well as pitfalls, when it comes to building and representing your brand. It’s important to be cognizant of the types and the quality of your images, as well as what length of video is right for any given platform and desired use.

While the platforms themselves have somewhat forced us all to consider these issues when it comes to our picture and video assets, I am sometimes amazed at how little effort or forethought some organizations take in other areas of their branding.

This is particularly true when it comes to branded merchandise. I cringe when I hear someone use the term “trinkets and trash” when referring to this medium. If that is really what one thinks, then I would recommend he or she not spend money in this area.

On the other hand, we have tremendous success with clients that know the value and importance of ensuring that all parts of their branding efforts reflect the values and brand message of their organization. They work well in advance of deadlines and utilize the creative skills and experience of our team to marry inspired concepts and strategies together with promotional products for tradeshows, employee rewards and incentives. They realize that branded merchandise are valuable reminders and reinforcements of their brand message during and after sales presentations.

By thoughtfully including these products as part of brand strategy rather than an afterthought, they ensure high quality, highly creative solutions that can bring considerable return on investment. We have tripled tradeshow booth traffic, helped sign on significant numbers of dealers to a product line, helped build strong team bonds, and there are hundreds of other examples over the years of helping our clients use advanced planning and strategic thinking when it comes to branded merchandise.

If these products have been more of an afterthought for your organization, then perhaps you’ve been working with the wrong firm. Instead of just being sold a product, you need someone who will ensure there is real strategy, planning, and desire to bring ROI for these expenditures.

After all, just like photos and video, these products offer a “picture of you.” Don’t you want those pictures to reflect the best version of your organization?

The song for this one is easy, from one of my favorite college era bands: The Cure’s “Pictures of You.”

Written by Tom Hanchette, Identity Works President.