Giving Back, and Paying it Forward

Under our Brand Philanthropy® program, we provide brand development, marketing suggestions, and swag at no charge to those selected. We also actively seek out local, national, and international charitable organizations to contribute to with cash or like kind donations of product and branded merch.

At Identity Works, we don’t just make a difference in our clients’ businesses. We welcome the opportunity to give back and make a difference in the world. On an ongoing basis, we accept applications from nonprofit organizations to receive a complete rebrand or other marketing products and services for free through our Brand Philanthropy® program.

In support of artists everywhere, Identity Works also encourages musicians and other artists to apply for our Brand Philanthropy program. We have a long history of supporting musical artists every chance we get. Identity Works supports the arts and creatives of all stripes so whether you’re a band, a solo singer/songwriter, or a painter we encourage you to apply.

Organizations we have provided free branding work to or donated funds to under our Brand Philanthropy program: