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Time for something different?

Kwik Trip

Client needed to secretly have a Bobblehead made of their founder. Using a few shots from golf outings our artists did an amazing job creating an accurate look with very little to work with. A custom collector’s box was also provided.  The project was on a shorter timeline than normally required for a custom project like this, but our team came through making for a very happy client.

Custom product & packaging design

Our in-house design team turns ideas into reality. From a simple sketch to a fully produced 3D model, we create one-of-a-kind promotional products and packaging to uniquely sell your brand.

Custom product design
There are literally thousands of companies that sell promotional products and decorated apparel. Very few know how to tie them effectively into your marketing strategy. Even fewer can provide you with a custom-designed product that is exclusive to your brand. From your own private label apparel line to a completely custom ice cream scoop, we design it all. With in-house computer-aided design and 3D print technology for rapid prototyping, Identity Works can design promotional products unique to you.

Brand protection and importing
We protect your brand by using only manufacturing partners that have passed social compliance audits, doing product safety testing to ensure products that we import meet CPSC safety compliance and other standards. You’ll rest assured knowing your product was produced ethically and is safe.

Domestic Manufacturing
In addition to extensive experience in importing, we also specialize in custom domestic manufacturing for clients who want a one-of-a-kind product made in the USA or North America. Our network of foundries, textile mills, tanneries, sheltered workshops, woodworking mills, and other production facilities make custom production an option for projects large and small with quick turn times and exceptional service.