Kitting & Fulfillment

With recent expansion and updates to our physical space combined with constant investment in the latest distribution software and methods, our amazing fulfillment and kitting team at Identity Works cranks out accurate and on-time orders like no other. With our in-house decoration team housed within the same space, your orders move seamlessly from production to picking, packing, and on-time delivery.

“Advanced systems and processes for all your merch distribution and kitting needs for quick and accurate fulfillment, easy order tracking and return processes.”

Identity Works is a vertically integrated company with our services all under the same roof that providing creative, fresh products on our advanced tech platforms that we directly build and service tied to production and fulfillment where all team members collaborate to have input and control of the entire 360-degree client experience.


From custom product kits to retail POP rollouts, you can rely on our team to handle even the most complex job and be assured it will ship accurately and on time. Our stae of the art space, technology, and processes allow for rapid deployment when highly intensive fulfillment jobs arise. We provide theme-centered kits, for all types of purposes and recipients: sustainable product-based kits, new hire kits, wellness kits, work-from-home kits, get better soon kits, new parents kits, and virtual event kits. Really any theme, any product type-group.

New Hire Kits, Anniversary Kits, New Client Welcome Kits, Thank You Kits, Sales Related Kits, Customer Appreciation Kits, Self Care/Wellness Kits, Incentive Related Kits

State of the Art Fulfillment Software

We execute on industry-leading software solutions in our fulfillment center that include iPads with product images for visual verification, bar codes, and voice picking (to name a few). We’ve backed up this technology with an ingenious back up system that allows us to continue to pick and pack orders in the event of a system failure. Bottom line? We are reliable, accurate, and fast, meaning you get the right product on time.

Engineer-Reviewed Layout & Processes

We execute on industry-leading software solutions in our fulfillment center that include iPads with product images for visual verification, bar We have invested in professional logistical engineering reviews in order to have in place the most efficient physical layout, velocity based product location, travel pathways, materials locations and more to move product in the most cost effective way possible. Our processes are constantly monitored for continual improvement.

Tradeshow Tracking Tools

On the front end of our distribution, Identity Works provides a variety of custom-programmed, web-based management tools for our clients. From complete marketing supply chain solutions to tools that allow you to allocate, manage, and track all of your tradeshow assets, Identity Works has solutions to effectively execute on your marketing strategy.

In-House Decoration

Combined with our QuickBrand Online Store technology, our in-house decoration allows for on-demand production. That saves you money, but also allows for greater flexibility in quickly changing out products and product styles. Because we are a technology company the entire order process including instructions to production are automated assuring order accuracy.

Extensive Space

With over 24,000 square feet (and additional room to grow) in our newly expanded warehouse and distribution center space, we can handle any size product from pens to oversized tradeshow booths, and everything in between.

Central Location

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Identity Works is 1-3 days ground shipping time to most of the country. We handle all elements of freight and work with overseas clients and their shipments on a regular basis as well. We handle all needed documentation for customs and our high shipping volume means extremely competitive shipping rates.