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Stop worrying. We have it under control.

Quality Certification Alliance (QCA)

At Identity Works we work preferentially with manufacturers that are accredited via QCA. When we custom source we follow similar standards to ensure product safety, quality, social responsibility, supply chain security, and sustainable environmental impact. This is a far different approach than you may see from others where the cheapest products are dropped onto websites in mass with the promise of “lowest price”. It doesn’t have to be either / or and your brand is too valuable to put at risk chasing low cost promises at the expense of safety. When you work with Identity Works you can have confidence the pricing is competitive with products that are ethically sourced as well as safe.

Formal quality assurance process – ProductLok®

From plant inspections, product testing, and QCA partners to proactive communication and on-time delivery, our formal systems have you covered.

ProductLok® – Safety and Sourcing Integrity
Helping our clients achieve their marketing goals in creative ways is something we enjoy, have fun with, and excel at…but ensuring that the products we provide will not end up harming our clients’ brands is something we take seriously each and every day. That’s why we developed ProductLok, a formalized system of procedures and protocols that we employ and continually update to ensure we are doing all we can to protect your brand. Bottom line, we’ve got your back.

Social Compliance
Working conditions, fair compensation, child labor, and various safety issues are just a few of the landmines awaiting your brand if you are working with a company that just blindly processes orders. At Identity Works, we work with partners that are paying attention to these issues and confirming that proper conditions are being met that ensure protection of your brand. When we work directly with overseas manufacturers, we conduct social audits via objective third party inspectors utilizing SA8000 inspection protocols and standards.

This word can mean different things to different people. Regardless, we all have to cooperate and pay more attention to how the ways we consume and what we consume affect the world around us. The issues and opinions are vast. At Identity Works, we always seek first to understand your organization’s particular attitudes and policies toward sustainability. Once we understand you, we then work to align your wishes when it comes to the products and services we produce.