Brand Driven Technology Solutions

You simply will not find another broad-based, flexible and scalable tech platform that can solve all your current and future technology needs for managing and distributing your branded merch. A client may start with a simple online swag store but over the years take advantage of the ability of our platforms to scale with their organization. These other tech extensions may include tradeshow asset tracking and distribution programs, team anniversary programs, sales incentive programs, reward programs, swag platforms where each division or team in your organization has its own log in and specific functionalities and products unique to its own needs. If you are going to start a new online merch store or are looking for a company that can offer you more, Identity Works is the place you have been looking for. Our solutions scale and grow with you.

Fast. Flexible. Robust.

Our custom-built branded tech solutions streamline branded merchandise group orders, employee recognition, client rewards, uniform purchases, and more, with thoughtful billing and approval systems, out-of-the-box support for gift certificates and reward/promo codes, Punchout capability to connect to your external systems, and API endpoints for to automate actions within marketing and client success campaigns. Oh, and the best part? They’re FREE for qualifying organizations.

Punchout and API integrations subject to fees for development and maintenance based on project scope

Streamline your organization’s procurement through a site that houses all your marketing, tradeshow, and branded merchandise products in one central location. Identity Works is a leader in scalable e-commerce sites that are mobile responsive. Custom functionality specific to your organization is no problem with our in-house developers.

On-Demand Production

We offer a wide range of products from name brand t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, jackets, bags and backpacks, technology products, lifestyle and home gear, and more with no minimums or inventory requirements, giving your team access to a wide range of products with your approved branding and single piece minimums.

In-Stock Products

For high use products where producing in bulk makes sense, Identity Works can stock your pre-decorated swag, giving you quick turns and no individual order minimums, with the peace of mind that your partner has the most up-to-date systems and practices to ensure on-time delivery and accurate order fulfillment.

Rewards & Incentives

Our stores support gift certificates, promo codes, and “group” codes out of the box, giving you multiple solutions for employee/customer recognition, milestone anniversary programs, safety programs, or pop-up swag events.

Variable Data

Our print-on-demand system allows your templated, variable data print to be ordered on your store along with any other apparel or swag, simplifying business cards, name badges, door plates, awards, and much more.

Access & Permissions

Our rule-based permission systems allow you to control who can access your store, and restrict products, logos, payment methods, shipping methods, and administrative tools to specific users or groups of users.

Billing & Approval

Easily enable authorized buyers to bill purchases to your company, with the ability to collect necessary accounting information such as PO’s, G/L’s, cost centers, etc., and have orders routed for company approval as needed.

Hands-On Merchandising

Browse our curated branded gear collections to quickly build out your store, or rely on hand-picked recommendations from our team based on your audience, needs, and brand identity.

Admin Tools

Give your power users access to sales reporting, product analytics, searchable order history, user management, and downloadable transaction reporting.

PunchOut Enabled

Connect your QuickBrand® Online Store to your existing eProcurement system (like Coupa, Workday, SAP, and more) as a punchout catalog for seamless integration with your procurement and accounting processes and approval flows.

API Access

Need deeper integration with one of your apps or services? Custom API endpoints are available to enable automated actions, integrating swag and physicla marketing materials seamlessly into your sales and marketing cycle.

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